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An Urgent Appeal! Academic Freedom Statement by American Scholars!

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What Do You Imagine Now?


Who Lives in the "Global Village?"

"If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all the existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look something like the following.
There would be:
57 Asians
21 Europeans
14 from the Western Hemisphere, both north and south
8 Africans
52 would be female
48 would be male
70 would be non-white
30 would be white
70 would be non-Christian
30 would be Christian
89 would be heterosexual
11 would be homosexual
6 people would possess 59% of the entire world's wealth and
all 6 would be from the United States
80 would live in substandard housing
70 would be unable to read
50 would suffer from malnutrition
1 would be near death; 1 would be near birth
1 (yes, only 1) would have a college education
1 would own a computer
When one considers our world from such a compressed perspective, the need for both acceptance, understanding and education becomes glaringly apparent."




Imagine there's no Heaven@@it's easy if you try

No Hell below us@@Above us only sky

Imagine all the people@@Living for today

Imagine there's no countries@@It isn't hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for@@And no religion too

Imagine all the people@@Living life in peace

You may say I'm a dreamer@@But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us@@And the world will live as one

imagine no possessions @@I wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger@@A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people@@Sharing all the world

You may say I'm a dreamer@@But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us@@And the world will be as one


We desire Peace and Justice for ever, Not Retaliation! If You do also, Please go to ZNN, Alter Net, Z NET, The Nation, Independent Media Center, September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, my "Global IMAGINE" page and Tokyo Progressive.


Wanted! Information about Missing Japanese in the USSR in the 1930s!@

Expression of Gratitude

We, the Japanese citizens opposed to the participation of the Japanese military forces

to the illegal attack on the people of Iraq by the United States and Great Britain,

wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Iraq Ulama Committee

for having succeeded in liberating our five comrades.


We are also grateful to Aljazeera for having transmitted faithfully our appeals to free our comrades,

and especially for enabling the families of the three first hostages to appeal directly

to the people of Iraq showing their sorrow and plight to the many viewers of Aljazeera.


We will continue to oppose the illegal, unjust and destructive occupation of your great Country,

and put an end to the Japanese collusion with the occupiers.

We affirm our solidarity with the people of Fallujia,

and demand the immediate lifting of the siege by the forces of occupation,

and of the massacre of the citizens of this city including women and children.


Message for Iraq colleagues

@On April 14, two Japanese freelance journalists, Junpei Yasuda and
Nobutaka Watanabe, were abducted in Iraq.@
@Mr. Yasuda, a former reporter at a Japanese daily, has opposed the
American bombing risking his life, as is clear from the fact that he
joinedthe "Human Shield" in Iraq last February and March.@
@Mr. Watanabe has acted against the dispatch of Japan's Self Defense Forces
( SDF ) to Iraq, appealing specifically to the SDF troops that
theythemselves should oppose the dispatch.@
@Those two people are not the member of JVJA, but our friends.@
@Japan Visual Journalists Association ( JVJA ) would like to make the point
that they are important friends for Iraqipeople, as well as the three Japanese kidnapped earlier.@
@We have high hopes of that the five abducted Japanese be released immediately.
April 15, 2004
Japan Visual Journalists Association (JVJA) President Ryuichi Hirokawa
E-mail to :


AS the occupation of Iraq enters its second year, the demands of the Iraqis grow clearer every day: an immediate end to the Occupation and free elections, free for all Iraqis to participate and free of US interference.

In the present situation, Iraqis are hostage to the Occupying Forces. They are unable to meet and organize freely and they are denied the right to shape their own future. Furthermore, the political transition process proposed by the US administration is designed to install a tame regime, friendly to US interests and their continued presence inside Iraq.

We - the undersigned activists for peace, religious leaders, intellectuals and academics, writers and journalists, parliamentarians, trade unionists and citizens -- insist on the right of the Iraqis to be free of occupation and free to decide the course of their own history.

We support the call for free elections: free for all Iraqis to participate and free from interference of the Occupying Forces.

We support the call of the Jakarta Peace Consensus which was affirmed at the European Social Forum in Paris in 2003 and at the Anti-War Assembly at the World Social Forum in Mumbai in 2004 -- for an urgent and independent Assembly of Iraqis, where all sectors of Iraqi society can freely debate and propose the future shape of their State, completely free of interference from the Occupying Forces. This can be the start of a process of building the New Iraq, and a vital first step towards free elections, democracy and sovereignty.

This Assembly must be held in Iraq. However, if this possibility is denied by the Occupying Forces, a Preparatory Conference must be convened outside Iraq.

We guarantee all our efforts to protect the integrity and openness of such a meeting through our support and presence.

We demand an end to the Occupation and we support the Iraqi peoples right to sovereignty and self-determination.

To Aljazeera

The Japanese citizens opposed to the participation of the Japanese Armed Forces
in the occupation of Iraq who send to Aljazeera their concern about the fate of the three Japanese hostages,
want to express their heartfelt gratitude to Aljazeera
for having reported their plights including the voice of the families of the hostages.
We are deeply moved by the humanitarian act
of the Association of Ulamah of Iraq to convince the Saraya al-Mujahideen to release our comrades.
We reaffirm our resolve to convince our Government to retreat the Japanese Armed Forces from Iraq.
Now that the hostages have been iberated, we can demand the retreat from Iraq of the Japanese military Forces,
not under outside pressure but as an expression of the free will of the Japanese people.@
It goes without saying that we will continue our fight to end the occupation of Iraq by foreign Forces allied to the United States,
which is causing so many precious lives of the people of Iraq as well as the desacretion of holy places.

Appeal to Saraya al-Mujahideen

(This statement is being signed by a number of Japanese groups and
individuals and is being sent into various channels so that it will
reach right persons; please disseminate it. This statement has been sent to Al-Jazeera).
We, the Japanese citizens opposed to the participation of the Japanese
military forces to the illegal attack on the people of Iraq by the
United States and Great Britain, call upon Saraya al-Mujahideen not to kill
the three comrades who share with us the same resolution to stop the
Japanese collusion. We do not accept your terrorist activities which only provide
fuel to state terrorism, but we want you to know that quite a number of
Japanese citizens are also opposed to sending the Japanese military to
support the occupation of your Country. The three Japanese under your
control share with us this belief, and to kill them will only create
hatred against you among the well intentioned citizens of Japan. We, Japanese
citizens feel solidary with the people of Iraq. Be patient, and give us
time to convince our Government. We call upon your patriotism to avoid
breaking the historical friendship between the Japanese and the Arab People.


Iraq Hostage crisis and Japanese troops withdrawal

by Asian Peace Alliance Japan

As you may have known through media, Arab satellite television station
Al-Jazeera reported Thursday night that an Iraqi group named Saraya
al-Mujahideen took 3 young Japanese civilians hostages, two men and one
woman, and is demanding that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces troops be
withdrawn within three days or else they would kill the hostages.
We, Asian Peace Alliance-Japan, has issued a statement stating our
positionon this matter (attached below). We wish that you would read, endorse, and disseminate it.
We urgently request friends all over the world to join us in urging the
Japanese government to withdraw the Japanese troops from Iraq. We also
ask you to issue your own statement on this matter.
In the past few months Japanese peace movement has been concentrating on
campaigns and demonstrations all over the country to prevent the
governmentfs deployment of the Self-Defense Forces to Iraq as part of
theU.S. war efforts. But despite opposition by the majority of the Japanese
people, the Koizumi government carried its plan out and now stations
fully armed ground troops in a newly constructed base at Samawah in southern
Iraq, ostensibly for ghumanitarian reconstruction aid.h The capture of
the three Japanese civilians came as a response to the Japanese
governmentfs complicity with the American war.
This news shocked us as the hostages all happen to be activists in peace
movement opposing the American war against Iraq. Many of us are their
friends in peace activities. Mr. Noriaki Imai, 18, belongs to a peace
group Hokkaido Peace Net working energetically in the eNO-DU Campaign,f
a movement that exposes the nuclear hazards wrought on the Iraqi people by
the U.S. use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons. This time, he was
planning to visit hospitals to investigate child cancer caused by DU weapons.
Ms.Nahoko Takato, 34, has been independently providing emergency support in
Baghdad from last April. She was supplying local children, particularly
street children, with blankets and clothes. Mr. Soichiro Koriyama, 32,
is a freelance photographer and journalist writing about the damage done to
Iraqi people by U.S. bombing. All of them are friends of Iraq people,
but they were captured and their lives are in peril because of the Koizumi
governmentfs commitment to the Bush Empire.
The Japanese government, though politically shocked, shows little
concern about the fate of the captured. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda
told a news conference Thursday night that the government is demanding the
hostages' gimmediate release.h Fukuda added, gThere is no reason to
withdraw the SDF troops from Iraq because the SDF personnel are carrying
out humanitarian activities.h On 9th noon, Prime Minister Junichiro
Koizumi also announced gwe will not withdraw the troops. We should not yield to despicable terror.f
Peace movement is quickly responding. In 9th morning, demonstration by
peace groups and civil people held in front of the Lower House and prime
ministerfs official residence, and 600 people gathered. They appealed
that the three civilians were a sacrificial victim of the Governmentfs
policy of flattering the U.S. and demanded that the Japanese Government
immediately withdraw the Self-Defense Forces to save the lives of the captured.
Please send your message urging the Japanese government to immediately
withdraw the Japanese Self-Defense Forces troops from Iraq:
-Email to Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.
-Email to Mr. Shigeru Ishiba (Director-General of the Defense Agency)
-Email to Foreign Ministry
Send your cc to APA-J
Emergency Statement Concerning the Hostage Situation in Iraq
We Demand the Immediate Withdrawal of Japanese Military Troops From Iraq
and the Immediate Release of the Hostages
April 9, 2004
Asia Peace Alliance Japan
On April 8, three Japanese were taken hostage by a group of Iraqi
resistance fighters, who are threatening to kill them unless the
Japanesemilitary troops (Self-Defense Forces) are withdrawn from Iraq within
three days. We are especially shocked that the three are people who are
against the Iraqi war, and who have been working actively to stand on the side of the Iraqi people.
This incident, coming after the bombardment of the SDF encampment
at Samawah, makes it clear beyond any doubt that Japan has become an
accomplice to the invasion of Iraq and, like the USA, an enemy to the
Iraqi people. On the 8th, the Japanese government held a press conference on
this incident. Chief Cabinet Secretary Fukuda announced that the government
would refuse to withdraw the SDF, and that the ruling Liberal Democratic
and Komei Parties supported this refusal. U.S. Secretary of Defense
Rumsfeld has praised this stand as gappropriate.h To maintain their
allegiance to the U.S. and to save their political interests the members
of the Koizumi government are thus ready to coolly sacrifice the lives of
the three young people. We find this unforgivable.
Asia Peace Alliance-Japan once again demands that the government
immediately withdraw the SDF forces from Iraq. At the same time we
appeal to the organization that has taken these three hostages to recognize
that Japan is not a monolithic society, that many Japanese have been fighting
against the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Japanfs support of it, and that
the people who have been taken hostage are also against the war and have
been seeking to act on the side of the Iraqi people. Do not take their lives!
We believe in the possibility of solidarity between the people of Iraq and the people of Japan.
This situation is the direct result of the Japanese governmentfs
support for and participation in the invasion of Iraq, and specifically
of the dispatch of SDF troops there. If the SDF had not been dispatched,
this never would have happened. This dispatch, besides trampling on the
Japanese Constitution, has made Japan a participant in the,
under international law illegal, U.S. invasion of Iraq.
Moreover, from the end of March this year all of Iraq has fallen
into a state of war. The U.S. military has surrounded the city of Falluja and
launched a full-scale attack on it supported by tanks and helicopters,
and has even bombarded a mosque, killing countless Iraqi people. The
situation is turning into a direct confrontation between the occupying forces and
the vast majority of the Iraqi people. The U.S. and its allies have now
turned the whole of Iraq into a war theater. To keep the SDF in Iraq in this
situation is a clear violation of the Iraq Special Measures Law, which
the Koizumi government itself made, that permits SDF operations only in
areas that are not combat zones. The Koizumi governmentfs claim that SDF
dispatch is for humanitarian support for reconstruction for the sake of
Iraqi people is only a smokescreen to hide the fact that it was
militarily taking sides in this war. The present incident, taken together with the
SDF base-targeted bombardment the previous day, has revealed this claim to
be an empty fabrication for domestic consumption. Of what possible use is
it to the Iraqi people to send troops with armored vehicles and heavy
weapons to deliver water and repair roads? NGO workers in Iraq warned time and
again that dispatch of SDF troops would make humanitarian work there
more difficult. The present incident has, unhappily, proved them right.
We do not wish to save only Japanese lives. Our hearts are pained
by the deaths of the many Iraqi people who would not have lost their lives
hadnot the U.S. and its allies invaded, and the people being killed and
wounded now, every day. We cannot forget that the SDF, as part of the
U.S. occupation force, also presents a threat to the lives of the Iraqi
people.We demand the withdrawal of the SDF in the hope that this will open
the@way for the withdrawal of all the troops from other countries,
and finally@of the U.S. military itself.
We appeal to the Koizumi government. The time to withdraw is now!
Asia Peace Alliance-Japan
Tel/Fax: +81-3- 5273- 8362
@Withdraw the Japanese Self-Defense Forces from Iraq immediately!
Save three restrained civiliansf lives!
April 8, 2004
Hokkaido Peace Net
Prime Minister Mr. Junichiro Koizumi,
Three Japanese civilians were captured by an Iraqi group named Saraya
al-Mujahideen on April 8 in Iraq. According to the media reports, the
group issued a statement saying that the three persons would be killed if
Japan did not withdraw its troops from the country within three-days. Mr.
Noriaki Imai one of the three persons in custody is a member of our Hokkaido
Peace Net. Another, Ms. Naoko Takato visited us to report on the current Iraqi
peoplefs situation when she returned to Hokkaido recently. If the
Self-Defense Forces of Japan had not been dispatched to Iraq, this
situation would not have happened. Now it is clear that in Iraq there is
no "the non-combatant area" which is the words repeatedly used by the
Japanese government to justify the dispatch of Japanese Self-Defense Forces to
Iraq.(The law for troops dispatch states that the Self-Defense Forces shall
operate in non-combatant areaf of Iraq.) The Government should take the
responsibility for this situation and withdraw the troops immediately as
this was caused by its policy of following in U.S.-British government's footsteps.
At the press conference on 8th night, Chief Cabinet Secretary Fukuda
said the Japanese government was trying its best to investigate facts. We
believe the top government priority is not investigation, but immediately withdraw the Self-Defense Forces.
We strongly demand that Japanese government immediately withdraw the
Self-Defense Forces to save the lives of the captured.
Hokkaido Peace Net
Mr. Kiyokazu Koshida +81-90-7519-1731(mobile)
Ms. Hisako Nanao +81-70-5115-7037(mobile)


9th of April 2004



Release the three Japanese hostages!
Withdraw the Self Defense Force from Iraq immediately!
by World Peace Now, Japan
On 8th of April, a group of registers against the occupation of Iraq captured
three Japanese civilians. We deeply regret that the worst ever thing that we could have imagined has happened.
Those three Japanese civilians have been working for Iraq people, especially
for poor children and the victims of the depleted uranium. They are against
the occupation of Iraq and the dispatch of Japanese Self Defense Force to
Iraq. They are friends of Iraq people. We donft understand why they have to
be captured and their lives threatened. It is such a tragic affair.
We strongly demand those who captured them not to take their lives. The captives
are the very people who try to stop the Japanese government from committing more crimes.
We of the Japanese peace movement promise to continue our consistent efforts
to end the occupation of Iraq and end Japanese government involvement in the occupation of Iraq.
We strongly demand the Prime Minister, Mr. Koizumi Junichiro, to withdraw the
SDF from Iraq immediately. He should already know that sending the SDF to Iraq
only undermines lives and dignity of people both in Iraq and Japan. He should
take the responsibility for his policy of being a mere follower of George Bush.
Save the precious life of everyone!@

@ @IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE SHARING ALL THE WORLD!@Another World Is Possible -- and Necessary ! VISIT "Global IMAGINE" !


A CITIZENS' DECLARATION@(As a US-led invasion of Iraq begins, we, the undersigned citizens of many countries, reaffirm our commitment to addressing international conflicts through the rule of law and the United Nations. By joining together across countries and continents, we have emerged as a new force for peace. As we grieve for the victims of this war, we pledge to redouble our efforts to put an end to the Bush Administration's doctrine of pre-emptive attack and the reckless use of military power. )

Urgent Protest Statement Opposing the Attack on Iraq and Japan's Support Again from Concerned Scholars in Japan!


April 5, 2003 I have traveled in India and Malaysia just from the beginning of the US-UK attack on Iraq through yesterday. There were strong protest rallies against the US-UK coalition attacks on Iraq. One photo impressed me. This is from the top page of "New Straits Times," a quality business newspaper in Kuala Lumpur, on April 2,2003. The explanation of picture said, "Butchered in Babylon: Razzaq al-Khafaj weeps over the coffins of his mother in Hilla. a town in the southem Iraqi province of Babylon. Razzaq lost 15 members of his family, including six children, when his car was bombed by coalition helicopters while fleeing the town of al-Haidariyeh. The bodies of an Iraqi women and her child lie in a coffin after the US bombed a residential quarter yesterday." The title of this article was "Civilians killed at checkpoint. Arab anger fuelled: Blow to hopes that Iraqis would welcome invasion."

One of my British friends sent me a statement, "NO TO SADAMU! NO TO WAR!"

This war is not about the brutality of Saddam and his despotic regime.When we were fighting to get rid of Saddam, the US and British governments kept him in power. They armed him with the chemical weapons that he used against us and the people of Halabja.
This war is not about the liberation of the Iraqi people. Killing and maiming people in their tens of thousands and destroying their homes, schools, hospitals and workplaces is a sick way of trying to `liberate' them.
This war is not about fighting terrorism. Terrorism will only increase as a result of this war. This war and its aftermath will provide another grievance and another excuse for Islamic terrorists to exploit for many years to come for their own horrific and reactionary ends just as they have been doing with the injustices against the Palestinian people.
This war is not about Weapons of Mass Destruction. The biggest stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons are held by the US and British governments themselves. USA is the only state in the world to have actually used nuclear weapons against hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Twelve years of economic sanctions have killed up to half a million people in Iraq, while strengthening the regime of Saddam. Economic sanctions have been one of the biggest Weapons of Mass Destruction.
With this war, the US and British governments are following their own inhuman political agenda. This war is the pretext for the USA to assert its unquestioning world supremacy as the biggest military and economic power in the world at the cost of tens of thousands of lives and mass destruction. The British government is playing the role of a junior partner in this bloody campaign to share in the spoils and strengthen its position vis-a-vis its rivals.
The reactionary opposition groupings in Iraq, the monarchists, Islamists, Kurdish nationalist gangs and former army officers and secret service agents of the Iraqi regime, are not the representatives of the Iraqi people. They are warlords and self-appointed rulers who already have a dark and bloody record of repression against the people of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. They are not the `liberators' of the people of Iraq. They are, rather, the new Iraqi Contras - armed and financed by the CIA and Pentagon and/or various repressive regional states such as the Islamic regime in Iran. A devastating war and the unleashing of these forces is the grim future being planned by Bush and Blair for the Iraqi people.
The people of Iraq do not want a bloody war that will kill and maim hundreds of thousands, destroy people's homes, strengthen terrorists, nationalists, Islamists and other reactionary forces, and make Iraqi people's struggle for freedom and civil liberties that much harder. Genuine freedom in Iraq will only come when the people of Iraq are able to conduct their struggles against the regime of Saddam or any other repressive regime without the threat of war, without the murderous economic sanctions and without intimidation by US and British militarism.
Stop playing with the lives of the Iraqi people! No war!
International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (UK) (Contact Dashty Jamal: 07734 704742)
Middle East Centre for Women's Rights (Contact Nadia Mahmoud 07890 065933)
Independent Women's Organisation in Iraqi Kurdistan Committee to Defend Women's Rights in Iraqi Kurdistan (Contact Sawsan Salim: 07748 851125)
SUPPORT the "War Victims Solidarity Fund"(
My German friend, Dr. Jasim Ahmed, sent his friends the following statement.
Gegen den imperokapitalistischen Krieg
Dieses Blatt ist lediglich ein kleiner Beitrag zur Verbreitung des Verstaednisses fuer die Logik gegen die Selbstverstaendlichkeit eines Krieges. Es ist weder ein Krieg der Kulturen oder Religionen, noch ein Krieg fuer den Frieden, der zur Zeit die Welt plagt, sondern ein Krieg um die Weltherrschaft unter grober Miachtung des Vlkerrechts und zur Unterdrckung anderer Vlker ein imperokapitalistischer Krieg.


1. Dieser habgierige Krieg ist den USA billliger als die freie Konkurrenz im Weltmarkt.

Der verlockende, angeblich schnell zu erledigende High-Tech-Warfare ohne eigenen Verlust hat den Krieg wnschenswerter gemacht als je zuvor unvermeidlicher, wahrscheinlicher und den Menschen der Welt zunehmend annehmbarer, mit Zuhilfenahme von Medienkonzernen und verflschten Propagandadossiers. (Nicht nur Diktatoren lgen, sondern auch andere Kreigstreiber).

2. Dieser Krieg bringt keinen Frieden sondern parzelliert sich selbst, sein Schauplatz wird von der

sichtbaren Makro-Ebene auf eine heimtckische Mikro-Ebene verschoben, zerstreut in kleine bewegliche Schlachtfelder (sowohl von Terroristen als auch Gromchten) und so werden die Imperokapitalisten noch kriegslustiger, aber auch der Kampf gegen sie mit terroristischen Mitteln unkontrollerbarer. Dies geht auf Kosten friedlicher Nationen.

3. Dieser Krieg dient der Wiederbelebung des Kolonialisamus dem Neokolonialismus

Whrend in der Kolonialepoche diejenige Kolonialmacht die Welt regierte, die die Ozeane zu kontrollieren imstande war, ist nun der einzigen Supermacht unserer Zeit bewut geworden, da, wem die Lufthoheit (All-Hoheit) ber alle Nationen mittels Satellitenkrieg gelingt, dem gehrt die Welt. Der gerechte Kampf der unterdrckten und gedemtigten Vlker gegen diese Supermacht und seine befreundeten Okkupationsregimes wird eine terroristische Koalition zwischen den gerechten Kmpfern und religisen oder politischen Fudamentalisten ermglichen. Dies wird wiederum die Imperokapitalisten dazu treiben, auf Kosten der friedlichen Nationen Kriege zu fhren und kolonialhnliche Okkupationen in ressourcenreichen Gebieten fortzusetzen.

3. Den Imperokapitalisten ist es leichter geworden als je zuvor, mit ihren Medienmonopolverbunden

die Motive ihrer Handlungen und Kriege zu vertuschen und deren Folgen zu beschnigen. Der Gestank des Kriegs wird verdrngt, sein Ergebnis mediengerecht prsentiert. Krieg wird in umenschlicher Art verherrlicht.

4. Der Fundamentalismus ist nicht dem Islam ureigen

Die Konzentration der Kriege auf Regionen mit lquellen, die verstrkt in islamischen Gebieten vorkommen, erweckt oft in Diskussionen den Verdacht, der Islam sei terroristisch, schre Fundamentalismus. Aber der Kampf gegen Okkupation und Ausbeutung mit bewaffneten Mitteln gab es und gibt es auch in anderen Regionen. Fundamentalismus und politischer Terror gehen auch durch alle Religionen und politische Bewegungen. Denn wer hat sonst Mahatma Gandhi ermordet? Ein fundamentalistischer Hinduaktivist. Premierminister Itzak Rabin? Ein zionistischer Siedlungsfanatiker. Premierministerin Indira Gandhi? Und ihren Sohn, ebenfalls Premierminister? Und Martin Luther King in den USA? Wer verbt Anschlge gegen rtzte, die in den USA Abtreibung durchfhren? Im brigen hatte auch die englische Kolonialmacht die bewaffneten Freiheitkmpfer der indischen Befreiungsbewegung juristisch als Terroristen deklariert (die wei Gott keine Fundamentalisten waren, sondern um ihre gerechte Freiheit kmpften).

5. Es stecken imperokapitalische Ziele dahinter, wenn die einzige Supermacht sich von vornherein darauf festgelgt hatte, Saddam mit Krieg zu entwaffnen.

Saddam ist ein widerlicher Gewaltherrscher. Aber gab es und gibt es nicht genug Beispiele von Diktaturen, die von den USA errichtet oder aufrechterhalten wurden? Aber eine Aktion gegen Diktatur und Menschenrechtverletzung mute immer im Sinne des Imperokapitalismus sein. Wo war sonst die Welt whrend der Massenttung und Menschenrechtverletzung in Bangladesh (1971), Vietnam (60er, 70er Jahre), Ruanda, Chile und auch jetzt in vielen Gebieten auerhalb wirtschaftlich interessanter Gebiete?


Deshalb, arrgumentieren Sie, handeln Sie gegen Terrorismus und sein Gegenstck, den Imperokapitalismus. Boykottieren Sie Kreigstreiber und habgierige Weltmchte, meiden Sie Waren aus deren Hnden. Wenn dies nicht mglich ist, uern Sie sich kritisch ber sie, und wenn dies nicht mglich ist, verachten Sie innerlich Kriegslust, Habgier, Fundamentalismus und Diktatur in all ihren Formen und Tendenzen. Denn Verachtung und Widerstand der Menschheit werden auf kurz oder lang bestimmt jeden Diktator zugrunde richten, den Diktator einer Nation ebenso wie globalmarktpolitische Diktatoren.


Dr. Jasim Ahmed, Greesgraben 25, 53359 Rheinbach.


March 20, 2003

Urgent Protest Statement

Opposing the Attack on Iraq and Japan's Support

Again from Concerned Scholars in Japan!

1. We urge United States and Britain to stop the military operation
against Iraq immediately and return to the Security Council of the
United Nations to find the peaceful solution.
From all aspects of the affairs, the Charter of the United Nations and
related international laws cannot legitimate this attack. Despite United
States' claim of the self-defense right, Iraqi threat is not
well-founded so as to acquire an international consensus over it. The
chief UN weapon inspector, Mr. Blix reported on March 7 that the
inspection has proceeded despite all limitations and needs a few months
more before its completion. Even if suspected weapons of
mass-destruction remain in Iraq still, their abolition should be pursued
through a stepped-up inspection.
In the meantime United States added the dethroning of Hussein to her
objectives. However, the military action aiming an overthrow of
government clearly violates the 2nd Article 4th Clause of the UN
Charter. We believe that criticism and resistance of the people are the
most effective and ever-lasting ways to oppose the repressive
dictatorship such as Hussein's in Iraq.
After resigning to pursue a fresh resolution at the UN Security
Council, US maintains that the UNSC Resolution 1441 provides the mandate
for the Iraq attack. However, Resolution 1441 prescribes that the UNSC
decides the Iraqi's abolition of the weapons on the grounds of the UN
Inspection Mission. It does not entrust one nation to attack Iraq on an
arbitrary decision.
In case such a military action is permitted in the world,
international order will decay into a state of lawlessness, where power
dominates reason, full of military attacks and overthrows of governments.
In case the UN admits such an arbitrary action of US and Britain, the
mission of the UN is spoiled and its contribution to the world peace
comes to an end. We ask the UN to keep its position firmly on the base
of the mutual understanding of all nations of the world.
2. We protest against all inhumanities during the war and demand the
prohibition of nuclear weapons and other large-scale destructive weapons.
We are concerned deeply about the use of the newest and large-scale
weapons that supercede those used in the Afghan War in this Iraqi
attack. It's really ridiculous that a war aiming the abolition of
mass-destructive weapons is performed by using similar, even more
destructive weapons. This war brings tragic deaths and injuries,
famine, and environmental disaster to Iraq. Such American-led violence
will only intensify hatred and inspire terror all over the world.
We demand the UN to monitor the use of mass-destructive weapons and
other inhumanities during the war and accuse responsible
persons/organizations for them.
Now, the glass-root protest against the military actions is growing
day by day in the whole world. This protest emerges from the fear and
anger against the war as well as against the repressive dictatorship
such as Hussein's in Iraq. We, the signers of the statement, would like
to stand with those in this world-wide wave of the protesting people.
3. We strongly protest the Japanese Government against her supporting
attitude for the US's military action. We urge the Government to stop
immediately any actions that may be related to the war.
The support for US's attack violates also the Constitution of Japan
that renounces the war as the "means of settling international
disputes". Japanese government, so far backing the US-Britain-Spain
proposal in the UN Security Council, immediately declared her support of
the US, saying the US's military action is legitimated by the 1441 and
other Resolutions. But this decision of the government has been never
discussed in the Diet, to say nothing of the approval. This offends the
principle of parliament democracy.
Therefore, we urge the Japanese government to stop any actions that
support the war, including the operations of Aegis vessels on the Indian
Ocean, and to refrain from any sharing of the war expenses by the public
March 19, 2003
We are the group of researchers of social sciences and humanities in
Japan that published the following Anti-War opinion on THE ASAHI
SHIMBUN, February 27, and the MAINICHI SHIMBUN, March 4, with the names
of 1,473 signers.
We hope you understand our wish for the peace





The United States is preparing to invade Iraq.
(1) If the people of the world cannot stop this attack, international
order will decay into a state of lawlessness, where power dominates reason.
(2) Military action by the US and her allies will bring tragic deaths
and injuries, famine, and environmental disaster to Iraq. Such
American-led violence will only intensify hatred and inspire terror all
over the world.
(3) Most Japanese people wish for a peaceful solution to this conflict.
As researchers in social sciences and humanities in Japan, we strongly
urge the Government to respect the wishes of the Japanese people by not
supporting military action in Iraq by the US and her allies.
Akama Michio (Ehime Univ.), Fukamachi Ikuya (Kyushu Univ., em.),
Fukudome Hisao (Kyushu Univ.), Iida Hiroyasu (Teikyo Univ.), Imura
Kiyoko (Keio Univ., em.), Ishii Kanji (Tokyo Keizai Univ.), Ito
Makoto, Ito Masanao (Univ. of Tokyo), Kitahara Isamu (Keio Univ., em.),
Kobayashi Noboru (Rikkyo Univ., em.), Miyamoto Kenichi (Osaka City
Univ., em.), Mizuta Hiroshi (Nagoya Univ., em.), Mori Hideki (Nagoya
Univ.), Morioka Koji (Kansai Univ.), Nakatani Takeshi (Kobe Univ.),
Nishikawa Masao (Senshu Univ.), Ouchi Tsutomu (Univ. of Tokyo, em.),
Okada Susumu (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies., em.), Otani
Teinosuke (Hosei Univ.), Shibagaki Kazuo (Musashi Univ.), Tairako
Tomonaga (Hitotsubashi Univ.), Tashiro Yoichi (Yokohama National Univ.),
Tsuruta Mitsuhiko (Chuo Univ.), Uehara Nobuhiro (Shizuoka Univ., em.),
Yagi Kiichiro (Kyoto Univ.), Yoshihara Taisuke (Fukushima Univ.)
1,473 signers and 49 anonyumous donnators.

Feb.14, 2003Urgent Appeal on Iraq by Scholars of Allied Occupation of JapanI



An Urgent Appeal from Students of the Allied Occupation of Japan

The administration of U.S. President George W. Bush has announced plans to occupy Iraq, following "pre-emptive" military strikes, based on the so-called Japanese model -- the post-World War II Allied occupation of Japan. As students of the Japanese occupation, we protest this reckless and self-serving misreading of history and strongly urge the U.S. government to reconsider its ill-conceived project of war and occupation.

A careful look at the Japanese example suggests many reasons why that experience is inapplicable to U.S. plans for a post-invasion Iraq.

The U.S.-led occupation of Japan (1945-52) derived its legitimacy from a broad Allied consensus, as expressed in the Potsdam Proclamation, issued by Britain and the United States on July 26, 1945. Emperor Hirohito and the Japanese government agreed to accept the Potsdam terms, surrender unconditionally, and dismantle the Imperial armed forces. As a result, during the six years and eight months of the Allied presence, there were no armed clashes or serious incidents between American military forces and the Japanese people. The occupation was able to proceed peacefully and in a spirit of relative good will.
The Allied army of occupation relied on a staff composed largely of American civilian administrators who induced democratic reform by working indirectly through already existing governmental institutions and agencies. As a result, the emperor, the Japanese government, and the people cooperated in demilitarizing and democratizing the country.
The framework proposed for a post-invasion Iraq is radically different. There is no broad legal or moral consensus for the Bush administration's Iraq project, which is opposed by world opinion and by most of America's close allies. An occupation probably would be carried out unilaterally by U.S. armed forces acting solely on Washington's authority. It is difficult to imagine Saddam Hussein doing a volte face and cooperating with the American occupier, as did Emperor Hirohito. Indeed, that is why President Bush is determined to overthrow the Iraqi dictator. The destruction of Hussein's government, however, may also preclude the possibility of a peaceful occupation.
Japan's Asian neighbors, victims of Japanese wartime aggression, supported the Allied occupation. Some, such as China and the Philippines, also participated in the Far Eastern Commission, the Allied policy-making body for post-defeat Japan. Iraq's neighbors are Muslim societies sharing a common Islamic culture and history. They are strongly against American plans to topple Saddam Hussein and replace his government with a pro-Western regime and will oppose even more fiercely the presence of a large non-Muslim garrison force. Moreover, a U.S. occupation may further inflame the Palestinian problem, making peace in the Middle East difficult, if not impossible, to attain.
If U.S. plans for Iraq bear no resemblance to the Japanese example, why, then, does the Bush administration persist in such a spurious comparison? The Allied occupation of Japan not only reformed the nation's political institutions, insuring the rapid transition from militarism to democracy, but revitalized the economy, laying the foundation for Japan's emergence as an industrial superpower. At the same time, however, it subordinated the new political system and Japan's foreign policy to U.S. strategic interests in Asia, producing, after the return of sovereignty, a long-term "subordinate independence." This appears to be the real significance of the Bush administration's disingenuous effort to resurrect the "Japanese model." The current U.S. occupation project, as conveyed by the media, appears to be a cynical attempt to justify Washington's bellicose Iraq policy and promote its post-invasion plans for the region.
The success of an American military occupation in Iraq is highly problematic. In Japan, the reform program moved ahead relatively smoothly due to a prewar democratic tradition, the absence of armed conflict, the maintenance of internal social order, and the survival of governing institutions, including the emperor. Iraq does not have a similar history of democratic governance. U.S. plans to kill or overthrow Saddam Hussein and place top Iraqi leaders on trial could lead to protracted fighting and internal disorder. Even Iraqis who hate Hussein may not welcome the destruction of their political and social institutions. In a worst-case scenario, the American attack is expected to kill or maim hundreds of thousands of civilians, ruin the economy, and disrupt food delivery, health services, and sanitation. Far from "democratizing" Iraq, U.S. military rule most likely will intensify tribal, ethnic, and religious conflicts. Lack of popular support and wartime control under conditions of belligerency will necessitate continuing authoritarian governance.
Moreover, the Pentagon has recommended the use of nuclear arms against Iraq in a battlefield emergency. Contingency plans for the use of weapons of mass destruction mock any suggestion of legitimacy for a "pre-emptive" war and occupation and further erode America's claims to moral authority. Remembering Japan's experience of atomic holocaust, we deplore such thinking in the strongest possible terms.
An occupation of Iraq seems destined to fail for another reason. Whereas Japan possessed few natural resources, Iraq has the world's second largest proven reserves of petroleum. Iraqis may well conclude that the U.S. invasion and occupation are designed mainly to gain unrestricted access to their oil fields. Few are likely to collaborate with an occupation authority that is believed to covet this prime resource for its own use.
American occupying forces will encounter yet another obstacle. U.S. policy planning for postwar Japan began three years before the defeat. Thousands of Americans studied Japan's history and language and, in the last year of the war, underwent intensive training in civil administration. The occupation succeeded due in part to the detailed knowledge these administrative experts acquired about Japan's social and political institutions and culture. There is no evidence that the United States is now preparing a similar group of dedicated experts or developing comparable post-invasion policies consonant with Iraq's history, political system, and culture.
Another striking difference is the preponderant role played by General Douglas MacArthur in effecting a positive outcome. The charismatic Allied Supreme Commander had an understanding of Japan's history and cultural traditions. He earned the respect of ordinary people, enabling him to wield enormous civil authority effectively and implement liberal reforms quickly. MacArthur also attempted to propagate Christianity in hopes that Japan would become a Christian nation, but not even he was able to challenge traditional religious beliefs. Despite MacArthur's best efforts, the small Christian community failed to grow during the occupation.
We see no military figure of comparable moral or intellectual stature in the United States today. With or without such an individual, however, it is absurd to imagine that an American military occupation can, in a short period of time, win the confidence and cooperation of the Iraqi people, bridge ethnic and religious differences, overhaul their national institutions, and bring about a change in thinking based on American political values and ideological beliefs.
Japan has a special obligation to warn its American ally against such folly. Yet, instead of offering wise counsel, the Japanese government is at work on a new law that will skirt the Constitution's war-renouncing Article 9 and send Self-Defense Forces to provide "humanitarian support" for American soldiers and sailors in the Persian Gulf. We call on the Japanese people and their elected representatives to remember Japan's own tragic experience of war and occupation and to decide for themselves the most appropriate way to assist the Iraqi people .
If history is not to repeat itself, we who have lived through the horrors of this "century of war" have a moral duty to transmit its painful lessons to those who inherit the new century.
As students of the Japanese occupation, we believe that the Bush administration's plans for war and occupation in Iraq are a historical mistake and strongly urge the United States to seek a peaceful solution to the present crisis.
January 24, 2003
AWAYA Kentaro (Professor, St. Paul's University, Japan)@
Hans H. BAERWALD (former Occupation official, Professor Emeritus, UCLA, U.S.)@
Herbert P. BIX (Professor, Binghamton University, U.S.)@
Bruce CUMINGS (Professor, University of Chicago, U.S.)@
John W. DOWER (Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.)@
Norma FIELD (Professor, University of Chicago, U.S.)@
FURUKAWA Atsushi (Professor, Senshu University, Japan)@
Andrew GORDON (Professor, Harvard University, U.S.)@
Laura E. HEIN (Professor, Northwestern University, U.S.)@
Glenn D. HOOK (Professor, University of Sheffield, U.K.)@
HOSOYA Masahiro (Professor, Doshisha University, Japan)
KOSEKI Shoichi (Professor, Dokkyo University, Japan)
J. Victor KOSCHMANN (Professor, Cornell University, U.S.)@
C. Douglas LUMMIS (Political scientist and writer, Okinawa, Japan)
Gavan MCCORMACK (Professor, Australian National University, Australia)@
Richard M. MINEAR (Professor, University of Massachusetts, U.S.)@
MIYAGI Etsujiro (Professor Emeritus, Ryukyu University, Japan)@
Michael MOLASKY (Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, U.S.)@
Joe B. MOORE (Professor, University of Victoria, Canada)@
NAKAMURA Masanori (Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University, Japan)
Robert RICKETTS (Professor, Wako University, Japan)@
Mark SELDEN (Professor, Binghamton University, U.S.)@
SODEI Rinjiro (Professor Emeritus, Hosei University, Japan)@
TAKEMAE Eiji (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Keizai University, Japan)@
TANAKA Yoshiyuki (Professor, Hiroshima Peace Research Institute, Japan)@
TOYOSHITA Narahiko (Professor, Kansei Gakuin University, Japan)@
YUI Daizaburo (Professor, Tokyo University, Japan)
For more information, please contact Robert Ricketts:

Feb.10, 2003World Economic Forum vs. World Social Forum, DAVOS VERSUS PORTO ALEGRE, ROUND THREE
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Jan.1, 2003I began a new social movement, a peaceful recovery of Japanese children kidnapped by North Korea.

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Oct 20, 2002 One year later, we are still facing a new war to iraq!

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August 1, 2002
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July 15, 2002I will not stop to talk about the war, with following sites and articles,
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May 15, 2002I met Mr. Paul Arenson, the webmaster of Tokyo Progressive. We have common idea and the world wide network of peace movements. We will exchange our new link pages@and connect our US-Japan netizen activities. Thank you , Paul!
March 1, 2002

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Jan.1, 2002

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Nov.15, 2001 About Japanese sites on proceeding terrorism and war, please see Masahiro Morioka ,"How did Japanese Netizens Respond to the World Trade Center Attack?"(Nov.13, 2001) and "Tokyo Progressive."

An important statement is, International Appeal of Nobel Prize Laureates, Poets, Philosophers, Intellectuals and Human Rights Defenders, "FOR AN IMMEDIATE END TO THE WAR AGAINST AFGHANISTAN."

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Nov.1, 2001 The Petition of " An Eye for an Eye Leaves Us All Blind!" has been already delivered. After nearly 700,000 signatures, making it one of the largest online petitions of all time, we have printed out and delivered the petition to world leaders. It has been translated into over 20 languages and has been covered by press worldwide. But the United States began to attack Afghanistan. I call you non-violent peace actions from all over the world!

I received one peace flower picture from a Korean reader Son. Dug-soo' s "Peace-Mother".

I will introduce the voices of:

The Peacemaker's Speak,
GLOBAL NGO Statement on the attacks on the US,
International Action Center Statement, "STOP BOMBING AFGHANISTAN! SAY NO TO WAR & RACISM!",
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and one statement from Japanese scholars.(Chinese, Korean and Japanese")

An Urgent Appeal from Japan's Constitutional Scholars

October 9, 2001, Tokyo

With feelings of strong anger, we Japanese constitutional scholars condemn the terrorist assaults of September 11. Our hearts and profound condolences go out to the more than 5,000 victims of those attacks, to their bereaved families, and to all other affected people.

These terrorist attacks, which drew many jet passengers and crew members into the destruction and killed a huge number of citizens, were heinous acts of a kind never before seen, and must be roundly condemned as international crimes against humanity.

However, we also feel a strong sense of crisis over the mobilization of tens of thousands of soldiers for military action led by America's Bush Administration, and the help extended by Japan's Koizumi Cabinet.

Although the US government emphasizes that this action is a response to "a new situation," the use of force cannot avoid victims among the general public no matter how it is restricted to military installations. This use of force is certain to produce several million refugees and starvation victims, which will be added to the more than 5 million already existing refugees. Further, it will not only fail to dismantle the terrorist network that spans the globe, but also presents the danger of provoking more terrorism in response.

1. War in Retaliation Violates International Law

The use of force in Afghanistan is an illegal act with no basis in international law.

1) The United Nations Charter requires that international disputes be resolved by peaceful means. Further, it restricts the right of self-defense to the period of time until the Security Council enacts the necessary measures, and only in situations when having been, or currently being, militarily attacked.
2) Security Council Resolution 1368, adopted on September 12, "Expresses its readiness to take all necessary steps to respond to the terrorist attacks," and stops at confirming the member states' right of self-defense, but does not authorize, request, or approve the use of force against any certain group or state.
3) Furthermore, we should recall that in 1970 the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted Resolution 2625, "Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations," which imposed on members the duty to refrain from retaliatory actions involving the use of force.

This use of force makes a mockery of the UN Charter and other achievements of the long years of international effort to bring about peace, and it spreads more apprehension throughout 21st-century international society.

Terrorist Acts Must Be Punished as International Crimes

If this wrongful, illegal use of force is continued by the economically and militarily powerful countries spearheaded by the US, it will only bring about an endless chain of one violent act for another, and an expansion of violence.

To deal with these recent terrorists acts, the use of force should be stopped immediately, the suspects identified on the basis of evidence that they committed international crimes, and taken into custody with the cooperation of international society, then tried rigorously and impartially in international court for crimes against humanity.

2. The Bill to Support US Forces ("Terrorism Control Support Bill") Will Let the Self-Defense Forces Go to War

The bill's intent is to conduct "cooperation and support activities" including supply, repairs, servicing, medical care, and the transport of weapons, ammunition, and personnel, but assuming that the use of force is impossible without such help, this support is an essential part of military action, and is therefore clearly participation in war. This would be the first participation in the use of force by Japan's military apparatus in the postwar years, and would clearly violate Article 9 of Japan's Constitution, which states that "the Japanese people forever renounce... the threat or use of force as a means of settling international disputes." If passed, the bill would surely create a serious impediment to strengthening peaceful relationships of trust between Japan and other East Asian countries.

In addition, there are the following grave constitutional questions about the bill.

1) The bill adds "foreign territory" to the area where the Self-Defense Forces can act, making that area in fact unlimited. SDF activities could be countries and regions near war zones, which means they would be put on the front lines. Even with the limitation that there would be no fighting in places where the SDF go, in fact their activities there would necessarily be integrated into combat actions.
2) The permissible use of weapons would be widened to "defending the lives and physical safety of those under one's charge," and the inclusion of wounded or ill US soldiers would eliminate the distinction of other activities with the use of force.
3) Action would be taken without advance Diet approval, and only a post-action report would be forthcoming. Thus, it is an attempt to create a precedent of sending the SDF to war at the Cabinet's discretion.
Further, the bill to amend the Self-Defense Forces Act, which is not limited-term legislation, presents the following issues.
4) The addition of new provisions for having SDF units guard their own facilities plus those of US forces in Japan, and for information-gathering activities, significantly relaxes the requirements for using the SDF to maintain public order, making it quite possible that the SDF could unjustly infringe the citizens' basic human rights, including the freedom of expression and assembly.
5) SDF use of weapons inside Japan would be virtually unrestricted because the usage requirements, types of weapons that may be used, and concerned geographical areas for guarding and information gathering are excessively broad and ill-defined.
6) Divulging defense secrets would carry significantly more serious criminal penalties than for divulging other secrets, thereby giving things of military value greater importance than those of civilian value, which runs counter to the Japanese Constitution's basic principles.

We therefore oppose these bills.

3. The Urgent Importance of International Cooperation and Help Based on Unarmed Pacifism

We feel compelled to point out that behind this recent terrorist incident are the poverty and social disparity that are becoming increasingly serious under globalization, and the US-led military oppression against the strife that arises out of this situation. It will be impossible to eradicate the worldwide breeding ground for terrorism without surmounting this inequity and strife.

Japan's Constitution declares that the Japanese people "recognize that all peoples of the world have the right to live in peace, free from fear and want," and "have determined to preserve our security and existence, trusting in the justice and faith of the peace-loving peoples of the world." The Constitution also renounces war and the threat or use of force as a means of settling international disputes, denies the state's right of belligerency, and vows not to maintain war potential. World politics has made it increasingly clear that staking out a position which assures human peace without relying on military force is unquestionably necessary if we are to ultimately eradicate terrorism and achieve the "preservation of peace, and the banishment of tyranny and slavery, oppression and intolerance for all time from the earth" (Japanese Constitution) in our globalized world.

Sep.20, 2001 I also signed the Petition of the " An Eye for an Eye Leaves Us All Blind," which says, "What follows is a petition that will be forwarded to President Bush, and other world leaders, urging them to avoid war as a response to the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon this week. Please read it, sign below, and forward the link to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. We must circulate this quickly if it is to have any effect at all, as the Congress of The United States has already passed a resolution supporting any military action President Bush deems appropriate". Please see not only Yahoo News or CNN but also Independent Media Center, Peace Protest Ne, Alter Net, Common Dreams News Center, American Friends Servic, International Action Center, Concerned Students for Peace and Justice, The Nation, Perspectives on Sept. 11, INTERNATIONAL ACTION CENTER, Institute for Afghan Studies and GLOBAL PEACE CAMPAIGN!@

Sep.15, 2001 This Homepage (the Japanese Toppage) recorded 200,000 accesses on September 15, 2001. Thank you for your frequent visits. But it is just after the September 11th tragedy of the NY-WTC buildings and the Pentagon. I hate Terrorism, although I am against the US Imperialism and Militarism.

I will introduce you a small but cool voice from the USA, the War Resisters League USA statement on the bombing, which I received by e-mail just after the tragedy. I signed the "CALL FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE, NOT REVENGE!".

I'm writing this from home - the WRL office email is down, but I was present when this statement was drafted and said I'd take the text home to transmit at once. David McReynolds
As we write, Manhattan feels under seige, with all bridges, tunnels, and subways closed, and tens of thousands of people walking slowly north from Lower Manhattan. As we sit in our offices here at War Resisters League, our most immediate thoughts are of the hundreds, if not thousands, of New Yorkers who have lost their lives in the collapse of the World Trade Center. The day is clear, the sky is blue, but vast clouds billow over the ruins where so many have died, including a great many rescue workers who were there when the final collapse occured.
Of course we know our friends and co-workers in Washington D.C. have similar thoughts about the ordinary people who have been trapped in the parts of the Pentagon which were also struck by a jet. And we think of the innocent passengers on the hi-jacked jets who were carried to their doom on this
We do not know at this time from what source the attack came. We do know that Yasser Arafat has condemned the bombing. We hesitate to make an extended analysis until more information is available but some things are clear. For the Bush Administration to talk of spending hundreds of billions on Star Wars is clearly the sham it was from the beginning, when terrorism can so easily strike through more routine means.
We urge Congress and George Bush that whatever response or policy the U.S. develops it will be clear that this nation will no longer target civilians, or accept any policy by any nation which targets civilians. This would mean an end to the sanctions against Iraq, which have caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians. It would mean not only a condemnation of terrorism by Palestinians but also the policy of assassination against the Palestinian leadership by Israel, and the ruthless repression of the Palestinian population and the continuing occupation by Israel of the West Bank and Gaza.
The policies of militarism pursued by the United States have resulted in millions of deaths, from the historic tragedy of the Indochina war, through the funding of death squads in Central America and Colombia, to the sanctions and air strikes against Iraq. This nation is the largest supplier of "conventional weapons" in the world - and those weapons fuel the starkest kind of terrorism from Indonesia to Africa. The early policy of support for armed resistance in Afghanistan resulted in the victory of the Taliban -and the creation of Osama Bin Laden.
Other nations have also engaged in these policies. We have, in years past, condemned the actions of the Russian government in areas such as Chechnya, the violence on both sides in the Middle East, and in the Balkans. But our nation must take responsibility for its own actions. Up until now we have felt safe within our borders. To wake on a clear cool day to find our largest city under seige reminds us that in a violent world, none are safe.
Let us seek an end of the militarism which has characterized this nation for decades. Let us seek a world in which security is gained through disarmament,international cooperation, and social justice - not through escalation and retaliation. We condemn without reservation attacks such as those which occured today, which strike at thousands of civilians - may these profound tragedies remind us of the impact U.S. policies have had on other civilians in other lands. We are particularly aware of the fear which many people of Middle Eastern descent, living in this country, may feel at this time and urge special consideration for this community.
We are one world. We shall live in a state of fear and terror or we shall move toward a future in which we seek peaceful alternatives to conflict and a more just distribution of the world's resources. As we mourn the many lives lost, our hearts call out for reconciliation, not revenge.
This is not an official statement of the War Resisters League but was drafted immediately after the tragic events occured. Signed and issued by the staff and Executive Committee of War Resisters Leauge in the national office, September 11, 2001.
Contact calls: WRL - 212 / 228.0450 also David McReynolds, 212 / 674.7268

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