For the eternal Memories of Prof. Mikhail Masaovich Sudo

(Sudo's family visited Japan in April 2009 when I was in Mexico)


† On November 22, 2010, Prof. Mikhail Masaovich Sudo, the son of Masao Sudo who was killed by the Stalinist terror in 1937, died in Moscow, Russia at the age of 78.Prof. Mikhail SUDO was the most valuable supporter to our research of the Stalinist purge of Japanese in the 1930s in USSR. Without his own experience and his help, we could not find over ten families and relatives of Japanese victims in Japan. We thank him very much for his devotion to find Japanese victims.


† He learned Japanese after he found his father's records at the KGB archives, and became a teacher of Japanese language school in Moscow. He also edited a textbook and a dictionally of Japanese language.  


Autobiography of Prof. Mikhail Masaovich SUDO(安井亮平訳、ミハイル・スドー著「私はモスクワで銃殺されたーー『日本国酔夢譚』より」長縄光男・沢田和彦編『異郷に生きる 在日ロシア人の足跡』成文社、2001)

The Japanese Victims of Stalinist Terror in the USSR,Hitotsubashi Journal of Social Studies,No.32, No.1, July 2000.(英文最新版)


Tetsuro KATO on Masao SUDOand Mikhail SUDO: How could I found Mikhail SUSO as the son of Masao SUDO


† Tetsuro KATO on Masao SUDO

Asahi Shinbun「朝日新聞報道」, when we met in Moscow on Aug. 19, 2006