For the eternal Memories of Mr. Allan Sadaminovich Sasaki


At the biginning of the year 2011, I received sad news from Nizhnij Novgorod, Russia.

 † On January 16 2011, Mr. Allan Sadaminovich Sasaki passed away in Nizhnij Novgorod, Russia. Mr. Allan Sasaki was the son of Mr. Sadaichi Kenmotsu, the most important Japanese activist in California, USA, in the 1920s. I found one American book which treated Sadaichi Kenmotsu as an excellent leader of immigrant workers in USA.Allan could know his Japanese father and families for the first time at the beginning of this century , and visited Japan in 2002. I am proud of my assistance to connect Allan and his Japanese family by the help of Prof. Mikhail SUDO. 


† How I found the Allan Sasaki's father, Sadaichi KENMOTSU's family.


† One Forgotten Japanese: Sadaichi KENMOTSU 『忘れられた日本人:健物貞一』2002 (健物家ご遺族用私家版資料集、第一部第二部


† An American Research on Sadaichi KENMOTSU by Prof. Josephine Fowler . In this book, KENMOTSU is one of the Asian American heroes.

Josephine Fowler, Japanese and Chinese immigrant activists, Rutgers University Press, 2007

   ●You can get it in Amazon or E-Book.

† Japanese Study on Sadaichi KENMOTSU by Prof. Norio TAMURA. 

California Japanese immigrant workers and ACLU in 1930's. 
    田村紀雄「1930年代『アメリカ亡命』組のナラトロジ」『東京経済大学 人文自然科学論集』第124 号、2007年11月
The Kaikyusen and San Francisco Japan Town in the 1920s.
    田村紀雄「新聞『階級戦』と釼持貞一」『東京経済大學 人文自然科学論集』第122 号、2006年10 月

† The Japanese Victims of Stalinist Terror in the USSR(旧ソ連在住日本人粛清物語、英語版,1998)

† Tetsuro KATO on Allan SASAKI 

● ヴィクトーリア手記の教えるもの(『山本正美治安維持法裁判陳述集』解説、新泉社2005年7月刊)

Asahi Shinbun「朝日新聞報道」, when we met in Moscow on Aug. 19, 2006